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Minibar034 – Gluck – Just the tip EP

Posted in Releases by n'eric on the September 29th, 2014

minibar034 SideA minibar034 SideB

“Time will tell” they say, and so it didn’t… ‘Lebush’ had been lost in the minibar archive since 2005, making a few strongly unnoticed reappearances year in, year out, before finally ending up on Gluck’s ‘…just the tip’ ep today.
The package comes with a self-explanatory ‘lebush-kickmix’ version by Cabanne, as well as two debilitating slices of interstellar ear pain called ‘inlove’ and ‘werehouse’, both recorded while performing freestyle dentistry on a dead yet actively reluctant coat hanger.
While doctors, surgeons and butchers the world over can only frown, you can get your own copy before they’re banned in your country.

Minibar033 – Vedren & Leiris – Procrastination EP

Posted in Releases by n'eric on the April 24th, 2014

minibar033 side A minibar033 side B

Those two french guys are close friends.

It all started a few years ago, after meeting in an exhibition, they started making music together. And the two cronies have this thing in common, they are perfectionists. It’s a threat, they’ve been working over and over tirelessly for years with the strong belief of getting to the right direction.

Doubts, convictions, stories, evolution, creativeness, discovery, hesitation for years, and now Vedren & Leiris have finally decided to offer their first EP on Minibar !!!

And the story is only beginning…

Minibar032 – Cabsum – Miradolores EP

Posted in Releases by n'eric on the February 13th, 2014

A1- Cabsum – Miradolores (Adsum version)

B1- Cabsum – Miradolores (Cabanne Dubweiser Mix)

minibar032 side A minibar032 side B

Adsum is bringing us a 2nd EP for minibar032…

This time on the way back from his planet he collided with Cabanne who just happened to be there, freeflying for no reasons, ordinarily they should have exploded in the upper atmosphere, and most of the solids changed into thin air, but a particularity occurred called Cabsum.

It ended up in 2 version of Miradolores, this long awaited Adsum track revisited by Cabanne on the B side.

So give an ear to this one, and the rest of your body will join the ride for sure.

Minibar031 – Hamid – The Do’s & The Dont’s EP

Posted in Releases by admin on the October 21st, 2013

A1- Hamid – Do’s & Dont’s

B1- Hamid – I’d like to be

B2- Hamid – Libra

minibar031 Hamid side A minibar031 Hamid side B

For his 31st release, Minibar welcomes Hamid into the roster.

Hailing from the south of France this exotic bird migrated to the cold and rainy Londinium, where he refined his musical taste and skills. After a few diverse electronic adventures Hamid fully embraced the philosophy of the stripped down beat. This new approach allowed him to continue expressing his romantic side with a renewed strength and character.

We are happy to present you his latest coming into the club land, a deep, raw and elegant three-tracker that will instantly seduce you.

Minibar030 10″ ltd edition – Copacabannark – Minidisc EP

Posted in Releases by n'eric on the August 4th, 2013

A1- Copacabannark – Cave

B1- Copacabannark – Grenier

minibar030 copacabannark side A minibar030 copacabannark side B

Cabanne and Ark’s siamese duo turns into a schizophrenic solo as they combine their 5 inches each into Minidisc EP.
A limited special 10 inches Minibar, made of a 100% pure subtle madness that will make you enjoy the ride, from the basement to the attic.
More than 10 years after their first release, the legendary and unobtainable Perlon 25, the Copacabannark train is back on tracks to bring you to the heavenish hell you deserve!

Minibar029 – Adsum – Efemore EP

Posted in Releases by n'eric on the March 26th, 2013

A1- Adsum – Miradores

B1- Adsum – Efemore

minibar029 side A by rhadoo minibar029 side B by rhadoo

Heavily infuenced by the early works of Zoltar, Adsum got into electronic music at an early age.

Then some years ago, when he had to move to earth, things got more serious. Spending his time between loops he learned their language, being able to blend in like one of them.

So here we go… This release represent just a friendly hallo to our listeners.

Minibar028 – Pit Spector – Menibar EP

Posted in Releases by n'eric on the February 10th, 2013

A1- Pit Spector – Moune

A2- Pit Spector – Highouse

B1- Pit Spector – I Feel So Ree

B2- Pit Spector – Péniche

minibar028 pit spector side A minibar028 pit spector side B

Pit Spector comes back with a second solo Ep on Minibar. The first one is amazing, the second one is TOO.

Working for years on various musical projects (Antislash, Ava’s Verden, Cellule Eat, Radiozerozero), Pit presents a really personal release witnessing his work in studio. The results are mental and dancy tracks mixing instruments and machines, space vocals and weird samples.

Completely involved in parisian electronic scene, Pit switch between his work at zerozerobar and producing music. Always fond of collaborations, Pit is now working with his brother Ark on several releases coming very soon…

Cabanne podcast on Phonographe Corp

Posted in Playlists by n'eric on the November 21st, 2012

phonographe corp cabanne mix 2006

Our friends at Phonographe Corp released a quite exclusive Cabanne mix recorded back in 2006. As they explain on the PHNCST077 post, Cabanne is not used to publishing podcasts and the mix is a ahead of time and shares great feeling and pleasure. Phonographe Corp also interviewed Cabanne last year (FR).

Check it out: online / iTunes / below

Minibar Night at Showcase, Paris

Posted in Parties by n'eric on the November 15th, 2012

Fri. 16. Nov. 2012.

minibar showcase party

Minibar027 – Ben Vedren – I Know You Know EP

Posted in Releases by n'eric on the July 25th, 2012

A1- Ben Vedren – I Know You Know

B1- Ben Vedren – More Dub

B2- Ben Vedren – I Know You More

minibar027 side A minibar027 side B

Ben is a musician deeply involved on and behind the scene. After various enriching collaborations it is now time for him to introduce his very own projects.
He recently remixed Carl Craig’s Innerzone Orchestra project for Planet E and will be releasing an EP on Juan Atkins’s legendary label Metroplex.
Ben’s releases are not to miss. They set the standard for many and the minibarians are proud to present his latest piece of art which will kick the dancefloor.

Music video over HERE!!

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